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Proposed Regulatory Change for Government of PRC Government for short, is a non-profit NGO founded in the late nineties, is both a watchdog and scrutineer to the different policies and laws passed by the US government which we believe need major changes.

PRC Government assembles all available information and investigates further to provide a comprehensive, unbiased, and well-documented material to other advocates who support our cause in the most holistic approach possible. We study various policies and find a basis of our comments.

We prefer to live up to our name by becoming envoys of the concerned citizens in having an accountable, open policymaking in domains which mean to us the most, which gives us a touch base on issues of peace, national security, justice, international trade laws, etc. This cause is why we picked the acronym PRC, Proposed Regulatory Change.

The Organization

Our foundation has reached out to hundreds, if not thousands of individual and group activists within the country to assist us in our goal to make a difference, and most of all, reform in the policies that do not appeal to our needs as a nation.

We firmly believe that through our persistent efforts, we can help transform not only the government but also our people's lives. At the same time, by challenging conventional ways of thinking, we can help gear the nation towards egalitarianism, peace and sustainability.

Staff and Funding

A board of directors, which includes the 6 founding members, governs our operations within the United States and coordinates with our members, volunteers, partnerships within the country and abroad. We receive funding from our sponsors, memberships, donations, and fundraising events. Many thanks to these organizations below as they help to fund our cause:

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