About Us

PRC Government is an independent non-profit NGO that acts as a watchdog and scrutineer to the different policies and laws passed by the US government which we believe need reform.

We stand by our name in becoming ambassadors of the concerned citizens in having accountable, transparent policymaking in areas which matter most, which include but is never limited to, talks about peace, national security, justice, international trade laws, etc.

Ask us about the acronym PRC, and we would only have one answer – Proposed Regulatory Change.

PRC Government collates available information and investigates further to provide comprehensive, illuminating report and material to other advocates who support our cause.

Our Beliefs

We firmly believe that through our persistent efforts, we can help transform not only the government but also our people’s lives. At the same time, by challenging conventional ways of thinking, we can help gear the nation towards egalitarianism, peace and sustainability.

The Organization

Since our inception in the late nineties, we have called hundreds, if not thousands of individual and group activists within the country to assist us in our goal to make a difference, and most of all, reform in the policies that do not appeal to our needs as a nation.