Most Unforgettable Victims of Police Crime You Wouldn’t Want To Remember Anymore

It is during these times when we talk about police reform that we most remember the people who have shed lives against aggressive policing. The sad truth is this is not what we asked for, and this is never what the police promised to be like ever.

The issues of grave misconduct should have been enough, but the matters of fatalities in the hands of the police as an exertion of abuse of power meant something worse.

We are now calling for change, and as we struggle and fight our way to having reforms in the police and judicial systems, here are people we don’t want to remember hearing about but could never forget.

1. Laquan Mcdonald

All right, Laquan Mcdonald may not be the best victim to share your sentiments. Mcdonald was a high school student found to be mentally and psychologically unstable before his death. He was in and out of school and jail. He is a black teenager, too.

When police officers responded to a report that Mcdonald was carrying a knife, he was shot sixteen times after the confrontation. One shot should have been enough, especially when he was already hit by the first.

2. Dontre Hamilton

In 2014, a police officer Christopher Manney shot Dontre Hamilton 14 times after a struggle calming him down. Hamilton was reported to have schizophrenia and has been reported to the police before he was killed. The police officer did not sustain any charges after the multiple gunshots.

3. Michael Brown, Jr.

He was eighteen and unarmed when he died. You guessed it right, through repeated shots. The black teenager was said to steal cigarillos from a store in Missouri, which led to him being reported to the police. The responding officer strumbled upon Brown and his accomplice and fired his gun 12 times killing him on the street.

These victims may not be perfect or may have criminal records of their own. But whether or not they have cases against them, just the multiple fatal gunshots were too much.

Most Unforgettable Victims of Police Crime You Wouldn’t Want To Remember Anymore