Our Mission

PRC Government will not stop until the entirety of the United States, its laws, jurisdiction, people, culture, and all things else that matter fall into their proper place without anyone falling behind. It will take time, but that is the goal.

We also believe that while we work hard on our endeavors, we haven’t done enough. We understand that the only time we’ll be content with our efforts will be the time when reform is no longer deemed necessary. However, so long as we still see inequity and disservice, we know we still have a significant journey ahead of us.

As part of our mission, we will keep reminding our co-activists, our concerned citizens, and all others who support our cause to maintain their senses open at all times.

We would like to ensure that we know when to stand, where to stand, and why we do. In the events that you stumble upon a policy and believe that it impacts you negatively, please let us know.

Or if we cannot respond immediately, please follow these guidelines:

1. Make it a habit to review regulatory documents in your free time, in your liking and will. This will help you understand the policies that govern the country and our lives.

2. If ever you feel anything should be written otherwise, always feel free to reach out to the concerned agency or department.

3. But before doing so, come up with a concise, supported claim based on sound reasoning, any available evidence, and its impact on the people.